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Self-directed brokerage accounts

Many 401(k) plans are starting to offer you control over the investments in your retirement account. To learn more about the opportunities and risks of this new option read our article.

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Explanation of Goals-Based Investing

Goal-based investing is all about matching investment strategies to a client's financial goals. GROFIB enables advisors to make that connection by customizing strategies for each of the three stages of an investment journey: gain, protect, and spend.

GAIN Stage

At this stage, we seek to capture growth trends through a flexible, active investing process that is designed to grow wealth over time while keeping volatility in mind.


In this stage, we work to increase assets while reducing the possibility of a catastrophic portfolio loss that could wreck a financial strategy.


At this stage, we want to give you the ability to take regular distributions and keep your spending power while dealing with longevity and shortfall risks.

Our Unique Perspective

GROFIB Breaks Out of the Style Box

Our investing style is goal-based. Throughout the three stages of an investment journey, we develop strategies that are in line with a client’s objectives and risks.


Increasing the Advisor's Independence

To create unique portfolios with an advisor’s team, GROFIB One Consulting works directly with advising firms and RIAs. An advisor may be able to spend more time expanding their client base and developing their business thanks to GROFIB One’s tailored investment infrastructure.


Planning Tools that are Both Effective and Simple to Use

With GROFIB’s Dashboard, an adviser may quickly assess numerous planning scenarios. When it’s time to deliver the plan, our proposals have comprehensible language and eye-catching visuals to support advisers in establishing reasonable client expectations.

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